Girlfriend of Narconon Graduate
Tara S.

When I first met my boyfriend, he was, he wasn’t doing coke or heroin or hard drugs. He was just drinking and I was newly 21 at the time so, you know, that was all fine and so I didn’t know that he had a problem when I met him. And then as time went on he started to, you know, drift away from me, we would fight all the time, like a lot.

He had started using heroin and I found out he was doing coke the whole time and he just had a lot of issues that he had never dealt with and never handled.

I had a friend — my best friend died when I was 15 year old, from drugs. So, that was the huge fear of mine when I found out that Jeff was doing drugs. I would always think about, you know, the same thing was going to happen.

I would search all his different hiding places and confiscate any needles or any spoons or anything that I found. And I would confront him with it.

And he lied and lied and lied. And we ended up fighting and fighting and fighting and that was, I think if I remember it, that was one of the last times that I saw him before he came to Narconon.

I just couldn't watch him do it anymore.

So, he finished the programme, Thanksgiving of that year and I was driving on my way to my aunt’s house, in South Jersey, for my Thanksgiving family thing and he called me.

He was a completely different person, than the person that I had spoken to four months before that. Just completely different.

And now we spend time together. We never fight, I mean, we'll have little arguments. And who doesn't but nothing like it was then.

Us having a life together and having a future together. Getting married, having a family.

Because of Narconon I now can see a future there.

That’s what we want. And now it’s possible.

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