Grandparents of Narconon Graduate
Cedric and Judy J.

Judy: My daughter called me and told me that my granddaughter had a problem. Alyssa had gotten to the point where she knew it was out of control.

Cedric: After she graduated from high school, we’d see less and less of Alyssa. She was working and going to school, this little junior college trade school, more or less, in Lafayette, and she was doing that and working part-time at a restaurant.

Judy: But not making enough money to survive, so she had come and asked me to borrow money. And, of course I told her, “Yes.” She said, “Well, I need money for this or that,” and I said, “Well, okay.”

Cedric: But, every time I would see her, something in the back of my mind—things are not right.

Judy: Never had a drug problem in our family before.

Cedric: You know, a lot of times family tends to put blinders on. And I think a lot of that is what happened with Alyssa.

Judy: She definitely was going on the street to find drugs. So it was pretty dramatic for everyone.

Cedric: It just wasn’t the same old girl, that’s all—not the same person at all. She was skin and bones.

Judy: When you love someone, you don’t think the worst of them, you always think the best of them. And, I guess that was my problem. I just never—you know, denial. Denial.

Cedric: Losing her car, wrecking a car, paying speeding tickets, borrowing money from the loan outfits and, you know, it just kept snowballing.

Judy: She has this child that she was not willing to take on the responsibility of anymore. She always did, but at that point she wasn’t able to.

Cedric: And I think she finally realized physically and psychologically that she was going fast.

Judy: She was asking for help. Her brother had found her and wasn’t—well, he had gone over to visit.

Cedric: And when he went there and he found her and she was in bad shape at that time.

Judy: And she wouldn’t answer the door. And he knew then something was going on that shouldn’t be going on. And so, they were able to get her into Narconon.

The area just was so calming, the cleanliness of the property and just the relaxed attitude of the people there. Once she did the New Life Detox and went through all of that, things were getting better.

And she would call me occasionally and she sounded like my granddaughter.

Cedric: She’s gained weight, she’s healthy looking. She’s got a smile on her face. The old Alyssa.

Judy: She’s doing so much better that now she’ll call in and visit with us on the phone and, and she wants to talk to her grandfather.

Cedric: And it makes me feel good to see her doing that good. Just the smile on her face.

Judy: And she was always an independent little girl but she seems to be more grown up than she was.

Cedric: Now when she’s with her daughter she’s a good mom.

Judy: A young mom, but a good mom.

Cedric: It’s a difference like night and day.

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