Welcome to
Narconon Latin America

At Narconon Latin America, you enter an environment dedicated to one thing: helping people overcome addiction for good.

First, we don’t have “patients” or “victims” or “addicts.” We have students—students who are learning to live a successful drug-free life.

Here, every detail has been taken into account to give those students the stability and comfort they need to help free themselves from addiction and rebuild their lives without drugs.

Narconon Latin America is the country’s premier Narconon center, designed to deliver Narconon’s uniquely effective technology—from specially- designed spaces for drug-free withdrawal, to the New Life Detox center with our proven methodology to eliminate the drug residues that stimulate cravings and contribute to relapse.

Built in 1880, our facility lies on four acres in beautiful Villa Victoria. Here, in this distraction-free setting we offer the one-on-one care and personalized attention that is often necessary to accomplish our goal of long-term success.