"Family & Myself Back"

I would categorize it as, as my last chance. I mean, I probably would have been in jail or dead.

Because I was just completely rundown after 6 years of everyday heroin use.

I basically had one person that I thought about and that was me. I didn’t, you know, it didn’t matter that I, I did have 3 daughters, that I had my mom and dad, my sister. They weren’t really in my life because I didn’t allow that.

But through the course of my programme I think it turned into kind of a rebirth and I just felt strong physically, you know. My mind was sharp, I was clear and, you know, that was the first bit of like, okay, I can do this.

I have great relationship with my daughters, which I never would have had if I didn’t go through the programme. And just the fact that they can sleep at night. They’re not gonna worry about me ODing or committing some kind of crime or dying, you know. That’s, that’s worth everything.

I’m happy every day. It doesn’t matter how hard the course of the day is, I can spread that to other people and, and just be myself, without any kind of substance.

And I have like a fresh start—I got a completely fresh start.

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